These are books I either have, would love to have or which are regularly recommended as THE go to Charcuterie books:

Charcuterie - Michael Ruhlman, Brian Polcyn

My copy of this has recently arrived. I get excited just reading the recipes and techniques. This must be one of the most highly rated books on Charcuterie. Do yourself a favour and buy it; you wont regret it. This book is so much more than just curing meat but encompases the broader side of Charcuterie (Look for the revised and updated print):

The New Charcuterie Cookbook - Jamie Bissonnette

This is also a new one to my collection. Recipes look great. I cant wait to try some of them. This book certainly opens you up to using all parts of the pig.

Salumi - Michael Ruhlman, Brian Polcyn

This is one I still have in the wish list. Reviewing on Amazon, this looks to be as good at their book above.

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